You Are Not Alone – What’s got you asking yourself, Is this it?

• Are you someone who is feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, fearful of making mistakes or screwing up something? 

• Are you someone who feels like you need to keep it together 24/7 at home and/or at work? 

• Are you someone who’s had their life’s foundation rocked to the core and woke up the next day asking their self “who am I?” “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” 

• Are you someone who is dealing who’s struggling with day to day anxiety which is being triggered by anything and everything? 

Anxiety is a natural reaction and normally triggered in a fight or flight situation.  For example, if you find yourself in a physically threatened situation where you might get killed, your fight or flight would kick in (*classic example:  caveman being chased by a dinosaur).  In today’s world with its fast-paced culture and never-ending stream of information shoved down our throats on a daily basis; it can eventually weigh on many of us.  All the chaos around you inevitably without question catch up to you.  

This anxiety, stress, craziness can manifest in all sorts of ways.  All your emotions carry energy.  In fact, everything on this planet is essentially energy.  When you run from, push away, bury emotions or don’t address them, that emotional energy will store itself in your physical body.  At some point, that energy festers over time and eventually will manifest is some negative way (i.e. develop anxiety, get physically sick, anger, addictions, etc).  It will be different for each of us.  The bottom line result is you will feel stressed out all the time, unable to focus at home or work.  You can’t seem to shut down the chatter in your head or keep your thoughts from constantly ruminating in your head.   


How can I help you?

Why do I ask? And How can I help you?

I want to help you because I AM YOU! I am that person who’s gone through everything you’ve just read and then some.  The details of each person’s life is different, but what is the same is that at some point those of us who are lucky and “wake up”, we hit that wall.  Then the search for fulfillment or getting that joy back or simply getting back our  peace of mind back begins.  The questions start popping up and then the journey begins.  I am also a recovering anxiety ridden person who kicked the butt off of the dependency of prescription medication and found peace. Yes peace! I know it’s hard to believe, I know because I thought there was no escape from the nonstop thoughts and emotions I was going through on a daily basis. No one person is alike but there are solutions that don’t have any negative side effects that helped me.  Life is going to be one lesson after the next.  That’s why we are here!  The key is once you are what I like to say “awake” then you can begin to make choices that serve your higher self and puts you back on the path to happiness, health and pure joy.  You will start to open not just your mind but your heart and your outlook and perspective on life will start to bring you back to your authentic purest self.  With that, you will see you will get that joy back, or fill that void you’re missing or find meaning and purpose in your life again.  It would be my absolute honor to be your Wellness Advocate.  


What does the transformation consist of?

With my own experience, I will be able to help you by sharing information and resources I personally use to help calm or ground myself whenever I feel my anxiety coming on. The process of transforming from someone riddled with anxiety to a calm grounded person is something you will not want to rush.  I will that person you can personally connect with and share your feelings, thoughts and fears.  I will be able to provide you with a safe calm place space that will allow you to process whatever emotions you are feeling that is causing you anxiety and help you release or let them go.  Everyone is different and how they respond to different tools and resources that are available to you will vary.  You have to know and fully accept that you can’t assign a deadline on how long the process will take you.  Trust me, I personally know this to be true.  Depending on the person, it could be a combination of various things that help you get rid of your anxiety.  For example, looking at or exploring unresolved emotions or feelings or exploring health and lifestyle habits.  These are just a couple of examples of areas to discuss and explore to see if there’s anything there that may be contributing to your anxiety.  There are definitely some books you will want to read that I found to be very educating and also comforting at the same time.  Educating yourself is one of the best ways to start the process of working on anxiety.  Let’s be honest, when you read data or someone else’s story about their experience with anxiety and many of things they say resonate with you, you will probably think to yourself “ Ok, I’m not going crazy!”.  I certainly felt that way.  You’ll learn during this process that we, our minds are creating all this anxiety.  Simply put, we are the ones at the root of our own anxiety.  Yes, its true and I’ll help you understand why that is.  The good news is, you will really get that you are the one causing most of your own anxiety.   Why is that good news????  Because YOU have control to change it!  You have to learn to trust that you will get there.  Most importantly, you will learn to be gentle with yourself through the process.  You will feel joy again, I promise.  Keep in mind, you may always have anxiety.  The good news is once you have all the tools to deal with anxiety, you will eventually see that it starts to dissipate or go away altogether.


Benefits of conquering your anxiety